《The Voice 决战好声》和其他在新马的歌唱选秀有什么不一样?
《The Voice 决战好声》是该档节目首个跨区域,并结合新马两国联手制作与播放的选秀平台。无视长相,我们欢迎任何十六岁以上,通晓中文并能演唱中文歌曲的选手一起前来发掘自己无限的潜能。
《The Voice 决战好声》将以什么语言录制?为什么能以流利中文沟通是条件之一?
《The Voice 决战好声》是一个非常成功的国际授权歌唱真人秀。我们获得的是《The Voice 决战好声》在新加坡及马来西亚的中文制作权。选手们必须以中文和导师在节目中进行交流。《The Voice 决战好声》将以中文录制并在两地的中文电视台即马来西亚的Astro AEC以及新加坡StarHub Hub E City播出。
《The Voice 决战好声》将在马来西亚Astro AEC频道和新加坡StarHub Hub E City都会台同日播出,将于2017年9至12月播出。

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What language will this programme The Voice be conducted? Why is fluency in Mandarin a requirement?
The Voice is a very successful singing format that has been licensed internationally. We have acquired the licence to produce The Voice in Mandarin for both territories, hence the programme will be conducted in Mandarin. Being able to communicate in Mandarin is necessary as contestants will need to engage with the coaches. The programme will be broadcasted on Chinese channels in both territories, Astro AEC in Malaysia, and StarHub Hub E City in Singapore respectively.
Why are no dialects songs allowed?
This is an inaugural cross-territory collaboration for both broadcasters. Dialects songs are not allowed in compliance with the broadcast regulations in Singapore. However, talents will be allowed to perform songs of different languages, which will showcase their vocals.
What is the difference between The Voice Singapore/ Malaysia as compared to the other territories?
The Voice will be produced and broadcasted for two territories in one version for the first time ever. The Voice is always on the search for true talents with good voices regardless of their appearances. You are welcomed to join as long as you are at least 16 years old, have a good voice, are fluent in Mandarin, and are able to perform Mandarin songs.
When will the show be aired and on which channels?
The Voice will be broadcasted on Malaysia’s Astro AEC channel and Singapore’s StarHub Hub E City channel. Broadcast tentatively begins in the third quarter of 2017.
Who should I contact for further enquiries?
For more information, kindly email us at:

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